CD “Abisl Glick”


The CD of Jewish songs Abisl Glick («A Little Bit of Happiness») was released in July 2003. The CD includes Yiddish folk and author’s songs, as well as the songs “Tango of Hope” and “The Promised Land” by Yakov Kazyansky. All the songs are performed by Anna and Katia Kazyansky in the original two-voice jazz arrangements, which are composed by Yakov Kazyansky (he accompanies on the piano).



1. Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn. As I Go Out For A Stroll (Jewish folk song)

2. Rumanye. Rumania (A.Lebedeff)

3. Hulyet, Hulyet, Kinderlekh

4. Afn Pripetchek. At The Fireplace (M.Warshavsky)

5. Yome, Yome (Jewish folk song)

6. Shein vi di Levone. As Beautiful As The Moon (Ch.Tauber-J.Rumshinsky)

7. Bei Mir Bistu Shein To Me, You Are The Best One (J.Jacobs, Sh.Secunda)

8. Leshono Toivo. Happy New Year! (a song of Rosh haShana)

9. A Glezele Yash. A Glass Of Wine (J.Kerler-V.Shainsky)

10. Tumbalalaika (Jewish folk song, arr.Ellstein)

11. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen. Raisins And Almonds (A.Goldfaden)

12. Tango Of Hope (M.Kitainer-Y.Kazyansky)

13. Vyoch, chokh, chokh (M.Oizer-A.Ellstein)

14. Di Grine Kuzine. The Greenhorn Cousin (Kh.Prizant-A.Schwartz)

15. Abi Gezunt. If You Are Healthy (M.Picon-A.Ellstein)

16. Sunrise, Sunset (From «Fiddler on the Roof» (Sh.Harnick-J.Bock)

17. Hava Nagila (Jewish folk song)

18. The Promised Land (L.Kopylova-Y.Kazyansky)